Tuesday, February 16, 2010

GP Oakland: Part 1: my day 1

One of the benefits of having no readers is that I can take my sweet time and not have to worry about apologizing for a report that is well over a week late.

It all started Thursday evening where we were all gathered at Charlies house waiting for the last of our team to arrive. Our intention was to leave by 6:30, but last minute borrowing/woman aggro prevented most of us from coming close to our temporal goal. We set sail 8...ish on our 5 hour journey north. We managed to get pulled over roughly 3 hours in, Charly's intention was to allow a trucker pass before we exited, so he slowed and flashed his brights, the truck passed and we exited, seemed simple. Quota has to be meant and making a bigger fuss out of something small is normal in the tournament scene so I didn't mind to much, we explained to the officer what he saw and he let us be.

We got to Danny's buddy's house about 45 minutes outside the hotel, our room wouldn't be available until noon and sleep is good. I managed to get in a few games against Dustin's elf deck while keeping the cat there at bay. I was on the fence about vendilion clique both main and board, and without any real zoo to actually play test against these past couple of weeks, so me referring to them as "slow" is an understatement. At turn 3 with UU1 available I should be transmuting, thirsting, or holding a muddle. I managed to go to floor somewhere around 5, spending the next 2 hours trying to fall asleep amongst the orchestra of snoring, this was gonna be a long weekend.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Worldwake limited

Blue and white are obvious dominate colors. Even at a full 8 man table the hate draft is slim as most have fallen into a black rut due to zendikar. Cards like tideforce elemental and vaporsnare as 4th and 5th picks feel like cheating. Surrakar banisher and calcite snapper as 3-4 of's. White isn't as easy due to the ally hungry bads at your local FNM. Refraction trap gets overlooked quite a bit, can't say no to 3 dmg shinning shoals, mindlessly going into the red zone with one in hand soft locks the game early. Another gem that gets overlooked, Battle Hurda, 3/3 first strike is almost unblockable in this format. Cards like Iona's judgement, lightkeeper of emeria, and apex hawks tend to be slim.

Last week I saw 9 Roiling Terrain pass thru my hands, after I pulled my second Lodestone Golem, yes 2nd, I wish I drafted LD.