Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jace's price is everyone's fault.

One of the most common trend with mythics and their prices is finger pointing. The "it costs money, I don't have any so I'm angry, its so and so's fault" gets old. And instead of having to listen to another random spout unrelated garbage whenever someone mentions anything having to do with standards poster child I figured it was time to make another reference blog.

His designer Mike Turian, his design philosphy on him here http://www.youtube.com/user/mrorangeguy#p/u/43/dNGVCZXU1Jo. If it was up to him, tectonic edge would of actually been a wastleland reprint. Grieving your opponent is awesome. Hes the kind of guy that most nostaglic has beens and never beens like, completely fair, turn 1 birds of paradise, turn 2 stone rain, turn 3 port, balanced. It's his fault.

Mythics, limited printings as opposed to rares, the supply was smaller. It's at fault.

Evan Erwin, Star City Game's hype man, host of the Magic Show. Weekly reporting the in's and out's of the game. What's to come, and what is and what will be amazing. Evan announced Jace's pre-order price at $22.49, and stated how you should pick up your set before his price went up. Many "I told you so's" followed, and many who missed out were enraged. It wasn't mrorange's context it was the reoccurring flame war his statements instigated that drew even more attention to Jace. It's his fault.

Everyone that did in fact pre-order Jace, with 0 supply and back orders of demand there was no reason for price to not go up. It's their fault.

The naysayers, people who responded to the hype with legitimate arguments that without any top 8 results cards can't have any real value. Gas to the fire. It's their fault.

Conley Woods, generally upsetting easily up-settable people with his own brand of deck building, finished top 8 in Grand Prix Oakland running not 1 but 3 Jace's. It's his fault.

The hoarder, someone who keeps anything he opens just in case he decides to play it. They are the kind of people who haven't gotten rid of their Elspeths, Hell's Thunders, and Sovereigns of Lost Alaras yet just in case they decide to build a new deck in the next 3 weeks. He might of opened one during the pre-release or in the one box he purchased, he doesn't know what to do with it but he knows its worth money, time to save it just in case. It's his fault.

Rise of Eldrazi, for being a stand alone set. The amount of Zendikar/Worldwake drafts coming to a near halt. Less Worldwake being opened resulting in less new supply circulating. It's at fault.

People who buy singles, because despite what some may believe Jace is in fact being purchased. Demand effects price. It's their fault.

People who buy packs, in doing so you support the product, even if they aren't worldwake packs, you are buying merchandise that have a potential to contain mythics. It's their fault and go back and re-read mythics.

Anyone that plays any in their decks, in doing so you are advertising, regardless of how it came into your possession. It's their fault.

You, for whining, your rash, ignorant, foul mouthed response regarding anything that had to do with Jace, the Mind Sculptor. You came into contact with someone prior to your listing and in doing so generated more advertisement on what upsets you. Or you encountered another like yourself, you clash and began a large flame war which attracts someone prior to your listing. Also for still not getting it, or being in the denial phase about it. It is your fault.