Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GPSD: Swept under the table.

So were all done talking about worlds right, right? No seriously I can't put this off much longer.

If you ever gone to any large event for limited, whether it be like a ptq or a gp, you have to fill out a listing for your pool. And not just your pool but someone else's pool, the process is much faster, and it's supposed to prevent cheating...SUPPOSED TO. The process for those of you who don't know goes as followed, seating goes up and 1000+ unshowered fat guys dry hump stickly looking men as the try to quickly tape paper to poorly supported banners of awful cards no one plays. The cows find their seats and are given the product, in this case 6 packs. The cattle is supervised by the head judge to ensure everything is recorded and accounted for, all the while the largest of cows, like Cedric Philips get to yammer on some muffled nonsense unscathed like the tournament floor is his local movie theater, because hey he's Cedric Philips he's fucking special right? After that's settled the mouth breathers exchange lists and start shouting at fanboy judges to get their "not opponents" in trouble for things that they are suppose to correct themselves, like their inability to keep everything in alphabetical order, marking 6-7 slots incorrectly, and the brain damage, well some things obviously can't be corrected. Sip up that coffee porky because counting is obviously hard and you need to know how to start at 20 and go backwards 3 or 4 times until you go home and do whatever it is you do when I don't have to look at you. Anyways...after it's checked for the SECOND time, players begin playing oh please let this be my deck as they are instructed to exchange pools multiple times like Catholics shaking hands on sunday mass, I'd rather touch the homeless people there over a mass majority of you *coughajcough*. Once you have your pool you yourself then check and report anything that might of been missed by bessy and his inbred cousin sitting across from him and deck construction begins.

Now that we got that outta the way, I have a question for the class. What happens when something is discovered incorrectly later on in the day? Well according to the poor girl sitting next to me round 3 it meant a game loss. What if it was something more severe though, like having a 7th pack in your pool. And lets say it went unnoticed until after round 7, and this individual was x-1, and not once considered "hey I seem to have a lot of rares". Let me tell you what happened...absolutely nothing, nothing was done. Sure the pool was "corrected", an equivalent to the contents of one booster was removed and then given back to the player to rebuild. 6 players that day lost their chance at day 2 because of this, zero punishment, 0, none, nada, it was deemed that he just didn't know. He got away with it because he was just to dumb to count, the DCI has apparently adopted no child left behind during a Grand Prix.

I'm sure the Judge's position can be argued but it still doesn't change the fact that 6 people who took time, money, and energy to compete were all cheated because all 4 people that directly handled this pool couldn't count. And what's to prevent someone for deliberately adding extra cards during registration, to cause these sort of problems, because it looks to me like I could get away with something like that if I really wanted to.

Sometimes I wonder where my tax money really goes.