Tuesday, May 17, 2011

M12 10/15 mythics confirmed

I assume that every magic writer is already working on a similar piece. Being that NPH reviews aren't as "new" as they are trying to be sold off as, and having to explain why competitive magic players scoop is only going to agitate the general populous of honorable self righteous casuals. Who generally believe it's better to not play Jace than win.

Back in March we got to take a look at the promo cards that were going to be bundled with the upcoming duels of the planeswalker game.


With no other information, and rotation being so far away, it could easily of been argued that the Titans weren't going to be reprinted...

Anyways, GameSpot released this trailer today.


If coming from Gideon's perspective wasn't enough, re watch 1:50 again. You'll notice the 5 planeswalkers rumored to be in M12, which is, and most importantly, also advertised along side the game. This would in fact confirm that the titans are most likely in m12. Why give promos that new players, duels of the planewalkers target audience, can't use once they decide to make the jump into the TCG?

Of course this still doesn't actually verify that we will see the ROE, or Sorin's ZEN version. Jace TMS, has already been confirmed, by Foresythe, that it is not in M12.

Without official confirmation we do get into speculation, and I'm sure that the community will have a huge spectrum of it as this week progresses. Many have argued that Gideon's design is to complex to be part of the core set. While this may be true, WotC could be breaking new grounds, trying to free the core set from being so basic. M10 and M11 had selling points that made them far more successful than their predecessors, but if 10 of the 15 mythics are reprints than whats going to be the new hype?

Here's hoping otherwise.