Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More spoilers

It's normally not like me to really be so main stream and tackle spoilers as they come in like this, yes I've addressed full and complete sets once they have been fully spoiled, all the more reason for me to do it.

Angel of Jubilation

Is very very real. I would go as far as to say Mikaeus, the Lunarch has been replaced in a lot of decks. I would go further to say that bulking up on Mikaeus is a very bad idea, not that it really has been a good one.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope

Been there done that, limited bomb, flavor, casual, crack them, trade them, profit.

Banishing Stroke

New Phyrexia has done a great job keeping good uncommons like this down. It will see plenty of play in block this summer, but wont really be able to shine in standard until rotation. Without seeing more cards that will interact with the miracle mechanic it's hard to see it's potential but if the cards do present itself this could be the next dismember, the next inquisition. That's based on the fact that anything is possible, at this point it's not very probable.


It's cute, possibly a decent board card, could see play in modern alongside another card I'm about to mention in a WUR twin deck.

Restoration Angel

This card is getting a lot of attention, as it should. The big interaction is this and snapcaster, and as I advised on twitter last week, holding snap caster is a safe call as even if this is hype this is hype that already drives an already playable card. Other cards that interact with this: titans, metamorph and his cousins, variants of acidic slime, and any of the come into play silver bullets in pod decks. And as I mentioned in cloud shift, restoration angel + kiki jiki brings another splintertwin esk engine and could re surge the decks dominance in modern as the loss of ponder and preordain makes it inconsistent and slow piecing together combo pieces. Don't be shocked that this isn't at least an experimental deck that you might see piloted by well known deck builders in the near future.

Silverblade Paladin

The buy a box promo, underwhelming in that aspect, but it's par for what it does, without its soul bound battle buddy, which can easily be disrupted in the same kinda decks that would run his cousin mirrian crusader. Definitely a limited bomb.

Latch Seeker

Big invisible stalker, no hexproof. More blue agro type creatures, which is something that has become a trend, still no resurrection of fish or skies type decks but I can top that up to phyrexian mana, titans, swords, which neither had to really deal with in a standard environment.

Temporal Mastery

Where the angel was the flavor of the week last week, this is this weeks. And I've talked negatively about this card, because it really isn't as absurd to the point where personal tutor should sell out out $50, and by gp atlanta we will see this. This isn't like time warp where you can combo with it because without it's miracle cost its just to much. There will be many cases where top decking this only means you draw yet another card, and that's not bad, when I see it I think this is how time walk was when there weren't the various knobs and levers that exist in most combo decks.


Soulbound thing, limited these seem amazing, but there are far to many removal spells now a days that turn these cards into vanilla creatures.

Demonic Taskmaster

I like how "good" demon cards are half decent cards, it's decent, not very stable in constructed play. All these board position cards do is give people a reason to complain about dismember.

Demonlord of Ashmouth

I imagine during testing this didn't have the exile clause and play testers were just letting it sac itself to itself. Along side other creatures with undying its amazing otherwise it acts like the champion cards from Lorewyn.


Another flavor card, limited bomb, edh powerhouse, I could see this as maybe a target for mimeoplasim. This could be a go to card in frites after rotation, maybe this set will open an opportunity for frites to be competitive in block.

Killing Wave

I like it, it's going to kill a lot of dudes in certain match ups and a couple points of damage, it's not necessarily death cloud, mutilate, or damnation, but I wouldn't over look this when your slinging swamps.

Thunderous Wrath

Cards that will be in RDW 500 Trebeck. The goblin grenade you have to top deck without the sac draw back, this will see play.

Craterhoof Behemoth

Generic Green Timmy mythic, is huge and silly, with all these big monsters I wonder if more ways to cheat them into play will present them self, I hope that's not the case, a tooth and nail type meta is about as boring as the control mirror.

Druids' Repository

It will be interesting if a green weenie deck that utilizes this presents itself, but right now it's no where to be seen. Limited card. Edric comes to mind for edh.


It cost 6 for a quasi unblockable 4/2 with undying, it's a big mess, I'd draft it if I absolutely had to.

Joint Assault

Giant Growth with a bonus if I play shakey cards, house of cards type strategy that most Johnnys may attempt because they have to build something miserable that wins 1% of the time?

Sigarda, Host of Herons

Makes me laugh, it's like every casuals dream, but I wouldn't call it a casual card, it's just a hexproof dude with edict proof. Day of judgement is still a card.

Moonsilver Spear

Spear of saint traft, it's a bit pricey in comparison to other amazing equipment cards but if delver needed something for the mirror in block this is it.

Cards number #233/244, #234/244, and #235/244 will cause people to cry for the ban hammer.

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