Saturday, August 28, 2010

Musings on my previous post.

Sorry Don but I stole your title. I never expected this amount of feedback. KBR, mtgsalvation's admins, Ben Bleiweiss, Mana-nation giving mention to Don's blog which directed folks to mine. You would think that someone targeted themselves with esper charm, "missed" an angel of despair trigger, made some kind of joke about a prop bet, or used tms's pre-order price to justify Kozilek's and Time Reversal's. A lot of people got really riled up for the wrong reasons, but I'll tackle some of these beasts another day...coughfollowmyblogcough.

Heath called me yesterday afternoon, we discussed possible solutions to prevent this sort of confusion from occurring with future customers. And while their system can't properly set a limit on singles without effecting their entire inventory (i.e boosters) they are looking into a software solution that can give them this sort of option in the future.

I appreciate everyone's constructive feedback and support.

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  1. Good on Heath. A phone call from someone higher up in the company is what needed to happen (as it seems to have), not a snarky email explaining why you're not a valued customer. I want to go on record as saying I have no issue with stores that want to restrict 4x of a card per order, but the second they have my money, I am assuming I own the cards. My money has a time value, and they're costing me money by holding it (knowingly or not). The fact that their infrastructure allows this is simply not the customer's problem