Monday, March 26, 2012

The DCI says that twitter is part of the tournament floor.

Not every suspension makes headlines, typically the publicity is reserved for flagship players. And if it wasn't for Sperling and Lee's tripping over their words on twitter I'd probably never of known about it. Today is my birthday and I was going to postpone this week's blog until tomorrow but this really struck a chord and I feel that the community shouldn't agree with WotC's decision. Gerald Freas, took photos of players at gp indy and were being sent to his twitter with captions that cruelly described players being photographed. There has been a bit of confusion as to how this was handled and I do plan to talk to some of the level 2 judges I know about it. According to sources there was no warning, the judges, the TO, no one at the venue approached him and asked him to stop what he was doing. A lot of people have chimed in saying that they saw him do it, and expected the ban to carry out, none of them claiming to interact with him or talk to a judge about it. 18 months is the same sentence that is given to people that are deliberately cheating. I wish this was all there was to this story but it gets even uglier, Aaron Forscythe favorites tweets that insult Freas, this alone looks like a complete train wreck on WotC's part.

This is what happens when bad meets evil, and Gerald isn't the only person to be held accountable, just as it would for bribes and other penalties, all surrounding parties that witnessed the events and did nothing should also be held accountable if this is the future of events.

The average magic player at a large event has poor hygiene and is an eye sore to look at, so instead of removing something that creates a health issue it's easier to remove the people that point this out?

This is to create an example, that we as players are not allowed to use social media during events because these parts of the internet are considered part of the tournament floor. I imagine WotC supports SOPA.


  1. Someone being "an eye sore to look at" is a health issue now? I love how you write like this dude was trying to be helpful, instead of the exact opposite.

    The "average" magic player plainly does NOT have poor hygiene; that claim is just hyperbole. That's just you getting the peanut butter of confirmation bias in the chocolate of prejudice. Take an actual count sometime and see how wrong you are.

    Who gives a fuck if he got a warning? If someone shows up to my event (not necessarily mtg-related - imagine this shit happens at a dinner party or similar!) and starts badmouthing my guests, you can bet your life savings I'm not gonna wait around for that third strike.

    C'mon, pull your head out of your ass. You're totally full of shit on this one.

  2. Freas' actions are MORE destructive to the game than actual cheaters. Given that, him receiving the same 18-month penalty is him getting off *lightly*. lol

  3. Freas did what a large majority of the player base does. It's alarming that most of these people leave their house's let alone having piers that consider it a norm. The DCI floor rules should not apply to twitter as it is not part of the tournament floor.

    apparently you gave a fuck, you took the time to post, thanks for reading